Mentoring Latinas is a Successful Program to Emulate Nationally

I’m proud to share this article contributed to Fox News Latino to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this effective, culturally-relevant REAL mentoring program. I had the pleasure of meeting its visionary founder in New York last summer. Please read this piece, contact Dr. Silber for the complimentary handbook and push to start a Mentoring Latinas program in your community to link middle school-aged Latinas with Latinas in college. It works!mentors and staff at holiday party

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  1. Cleopatra Engel says:

    I recently retired as a Colonel in the Air Force and would like information about this program.

    • grace says:

      Thank you Colonel Engel and congratulations on your recent retirement! Don’t know if you read my bio but I left as a senior captain after 9 years of service in the Air Force flying onboard the KC-135 refueling tanker. :- That’s what inspired my bilingual children’s book that launches next week titled Good Night Captain Mama / Buenas Noches Capitán Mamá that you can see here at or here (to read my full military bio.)

      To answer your question about information regarding the “Mentoring Latinas” program, here’s the link to the full piece I wrote about it which contains the name and email address of the professor who can forward to you copy of the program handbook to help a university near you start a program using her proven model. Dr. Ellen Silber at silberes AT aol DOT com. Thanks for your interest and for your service!

      Graciela Tiscareño-Sato
      Chief Creative Officer
      Gracefully Global Group LLC
      Hayward, CA

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