Latinas Think Big Event at Google Los Angeles

At Google’s Los Angeles office on a recent Friday night, the presentation room was filled with highly educated, professional, innovative, entrepreneurial and activist Latinas in charge. There were bloggers, journalists, community leaders, professors, business owners, engineers — all gathered to participate in a unique Latina leadership event, one of the very first times a Fortune 100 corporation has ever hosted such an event.

The ELLA Leadership Institute west coast stop of the “Latinas Think Big” tour, was streamed live on Google Hangout on Air, broadcast to many virtual viewing parties around the nation and to individuals watching the event online. The event kicked off and along with nine other Twitter ambassadors and all participating around the nation, we got busy communicating the key moments and thoughts coming from the stage. When it was over four hours later, there were over seven million Twitter impressions — SEVEN MILLION!

If anyone doubts the commonly reported finding that Latinas are the fastest growing demographic using social media technology, this event and these numbers should put those doubts to rest. [Read the rest in the Huffington Post here]

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