Birthing a Book, the Endorsement Phase

I received a lovely email yesterday from one of my interviewees in the upcoming book “Latinnovating: Green American Jobs and the Latinos Creating Them.”

“We are looking forward to many things in 2011 including the first look at your new baby. I can tell it truly is a labor of love for you.”

Yes, this process feels like a birth….something thrilling, exciting, creating a high degree of anticipation amongst many….not since having my third child have I been so completely consumed by the feeling that something new and wonderful is coming.

So today, we celebrate an important milestone: receiving the first endorsements. The first has come from the man whose phone call and the opportunity he offered to me ultimately led me to find the people in this book. You will have to wait to read the introduction to learn who he is – for now, I’m just grateful to be entering this exciting new stage as we await the birth of the baby….

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