The first signed copy of my book goes to

….truck driver Otis who delivered half of my books today to our storage facility. See, we have such tremendous entrepreneurial spirit in this country –you just have to slow down and talk to people to learn that.

As he unloaded two pallets of books to one giddy author, he asked me what the book is about. Always eager to chat about my baby, I described it as “ten stories of environmental entrepreneurship, innovation and courage.”  That’s when he shared with me that he too is an entrepreneur and inventor, with several patents pending. Next thing you know, we’re chatting about entrepreneurship lessons we should be teaching our children (which he is) and I’m signing a book for him. Wow, what a day!

"Latinnovating" arrives at California storage facility!

And if you’re wondering where the other half of the books went, they’re on their way to a fulfillment center in Pennsylvania run by You’ll find the book there now and it will be orderable in about a week (print) and in eBook formats by the May 14th launch date.  It will of course also be orderable at the main book site.

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