Getting to Hispanicize 2012 to Spotlight Latino Innovators in the Green Economy

Why do I want to go to Miami in April for Hispanicize 2012?  Obviously, to connect with  fellow Latina Mom Bloggers and to bring the stories  of Latino green innovators that I’ve been writing (and presenting to live audiences), to a much bigger audience of social media friends.

4 innovators from "Latinnovating," with author Graciela, at Stanford on launch day

My work is all about showcasing the creative, courageous Latino innovators and entrepreneurs in the green economy, from the Latino community, to business professionals, students and educators across the USA.  The pages of my bestselling Latinnovating book are filled with ten profiles of Latinas and Latinos, highly educated, who are transforming industries and honoring long-held cultural values of creative reuse and resource preservation. In three weeks, I’ll bring these stories to a national audience of educators and share the stage with a Cabinet member: our Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. I’m driving to show how the Latino community is not “disadvantaged” as viewed typically through the socio-economic prism but is instead “creatively ADVANTAGED” as evidenced by the stories of today’s Latino innovators in the green economy.

I’ve been fortunate enough to share some of these stories in The Huffington Post.  It’s time to get these stories in front of larger audiences, outside the universities and conferences where I usually speak! The Latinnovating YouTube channel is loaded with video testimonials of my work and how it’s inspiring people who hear the stories I’m writing about the innovation in our community; here’s just one example of what people are saying.

Please bring me to Miami so we can meet and explore synergies! I promise you’ll love, love, love the stories of my fellow Latino eco-entrepreneurs! I want more limelight for our courageous leaders, who understand that benefits to the economy and environment go hand-in-hand.


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